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  • Share your interestsJoin a group, share your interests, meet people in a fun, safe environment.
  • Meet people in a fun, safe environmentJoin a group, share your interests, meet people in a fun, safe environment.
  • Join a groupJoin a group, share your interests, meet people in a fun, safe environment.
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Quote of the Day

Courage is telling our story, not being immune to criticism.

- Brene Brown

Finding a Community Has Never Been Easier

Just Like You puts the power in your hands


Just Like You is a place where you can connect with other people, either individually or in groups, based on shared interests and experiences all with the ability of controlling your anonymity through the benefit of using multiple online IDs.

Just Like You is people talking about or dealing with a variety of subjects: from their favorite hobbies, pastimes, recipes, to political, social, environmental issues, as well as health or addiction situations, in a friendly and safe environment. Just Like You provides you with the unique advantage to stay completely anonymous, through the ability of creating an online ID, not just one, but multiple different IDs for every chat room that you participate in. Providing this degree of separation, allows you to open up and communicate freely, with no worry of judgment or personal ridicule. This also gives you complete control over how much you want to let people know you.

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In the Just Like You environment, people can get together and discuss subjects in 3 different group settings;

Open Groups - Open groups are open to all members of Just Like You, anyone can read the messages, and anyone can add their voice to the conversation at anytime, and all members can contact each other directly

Closed Groups - All Just like You members can view the discussion happening in a closed group, but unlike open groups, members must request permission from the group's moderators in order to join

Private Groups - provide a platform for private, more intimate discussions, where no one else but the participants who have been invited know what is being discussed or who is participating.

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With the information that our members provide, we are able to connect you with other people from all over, with similar interests, issues and ailments. The more you can tell us about yourself, the better we will be able to connect you to people "Just Like You!" The information that each person provides is an integral piece to success we will have in connecting you to all the individuals that are discussing and dealing with subjects and issues that are relevant to you and your interests. Just Like You values your privacy and will never abuse your private information or disclose it to 3rd parties.

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Our Mission

Just Like You's goal is to provide a safe, innovative, fun and user friendly social networking environment, for people of like interests, issues and ailments from all over, to communicate, discuss and share ideas one on one, or in a group setting. Join Just Like You to meet new people, discuss important topics, or find support for serious issues; become a member, become a friend, become a mentor, become part of the story.