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Where your story meets my story and becomes our story. At, our goal is to bring people together to share their commonalities, especially when it comes to emotions, situations, issues and ideas. Our unique combination of varying levels of anonymity, and privacy controls, create an atmosphere of open discussion and expression, providing the users the scenario to open up about their inner most thoughts, feelings, and ideas. become part of the story.

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#Depression and #Suicide

We need to find a way to open about this subject, make it OK to talk about, make it OK that we feel that way we feel, make it OK to ask for help. We are all different, we are all special, we are all normal, just different. Some of us are strong, and some of us not so much, but that is OK. Depression doesn't have to lead to suicide, it can be talked about, figured out, dealt with, and put into perspective, before it gets to the point that the only option is death. We are not alone, not he only on...

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Living with Dependency

Through out my drinking career, I call it a career because I was really good at it, I was always able to quit for periods of time. I had always promised myself that the day that my body wouldn't let me quit, I knew I had a problem. That day finally came in 2001, over Christmas, and woke up with the shakes. I tried to drink it off with a Mimosa at breakfast, but couldn't, I had to admit to myself, the problem was there, and now I had to figure out how to deal with it. My biggest problem was that ...

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Where your story meets my story and becomes our story...... , become part of the story